Energy Policy and the 2012 Presidential Race

One of the biggest challenges facing the American economy today is energy independence, and in my personal opinion, “green energy” sources such as wind and solar represent one of the biggest opportunities for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.  I am a business administration major, and one possibility that I have been discussing with a friend of mine who is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Physics at ETSU is the possiblity of starting a company that would specialize in the selling and installation of residential and commercial solar power equipment. 

Under the current administration, tax subsidies are available for businesses who sell and install such equipment and individuals who make the decision to purchase it, and I personally feel that attempting to curb our dependence on fossil fuels is a worthy goal to have in the twenty-first century. 

You can read the candidates’ policy positions in regard to energy policy here.



  1. Your blog kind of suprised me. I think it is great that you have an idea that could potentially benefit everyone and want to pursue it. This is an excellent career path and you should go for it!

  2. Yea man i totally agree with everything that you said. We need to try going green, and using the fossil fuels to the best our ability. We need to do something so conserve energy, because I feel like if we do not do something soon then things could get really bad in this country. All of the points that you made helped bring some of this to my attention and became aware about it,

  3. I found this to be inspirational. Thank you for both providing facts and trying to stay completely neutral.

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