Administration’s Investments in Green Energy Pay Off–For the Most Part

I’m sort of a political junkie.

So much so that the current Election Season has been very distracting when it comes to my other obligations.  And if you’ve been reading since class started, you probably know that I lean to the Left a little bit.  Okay, maybe a bit more than a little bit.

That said, one thing I have heard repeated, even by Republican nominee Mitt Romney during the first Presidential debate in Denver, is that the current administration’s energy policies have been a disaster.  According to Governor Romney, “Half of the companies that the administration invested in went bankrupt.”

While having a friendly debate with a more-conservative leaning friend of mine on Facebook, I checked into that number.

According to CNN, out of the sixty-three solar and alternative energy companies that were given federal funding, five have gone bankrupt.  That is a rate of roughly eight percent.  The other fifty-eight companies are still in business, and as it turns out, investing in green energy turned out to be a smart decision by the Obama administration.

We are reaching a point in history where fossil fuels are becoming more and more obsolete.  They are expensive, they are non-renewable, and they cause harm to the environment.  No matter who wins the election in a little over a week, I sincerely hope that we will not lose sight of making so-called alternative energy sources “alternative” no longer.


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  1. I too have been following the election and have been really concerned about the lies that continue to rise out of the debates. It would be very beneficial to those of us who are voting if the candidates could just be honest. I think it says a lot about a candidate when they go to the extreme to make up false information on their competitor just to win the election, just as in this case. On another note, I am in agreement that investing in green energy is a smart move. It is the way of the future and the way to a better America.

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