Get Ready For Some Pure Stupidity. . .

Once again this week, I’m returning to my hometown of Pennington Gap for inspiration in this blog.  The local government there is gearing up for the biggest waste of tax-payer money I’ve ever witnessed, not to mention the tackiest idea I’ve ever heard of, all in vain hopes that they will be able to attract tourism to the community.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mount Racemore, the latest and greatest idea from the Pennington Gap town government.

Basically, the proposed idea would have a a giant statue built on the side of a mountain near the local park and fairgrounds in the image of four Nascar legends’ heads, similar to Mount Rushmore.

You may be asking what this has to do with business, economics, and solar power.  Keep in mind that Lee County is the same place that saw strong opposition to the proposed recycling center a couple of months ago.  This is government waste, plain and simple, that will be likely to not pay off.  Not to mention, they might as well be giving Lee County a permanent tramp stamp if they go ahead with this.

Some of us have started a facebook page to oppose the project.  You can check it out here:!/DoNotBuildMountRacemore?fref=ts



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